Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Here

We’re often ask about our shop, policies, prices, etc. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions. But if you don’t see yours, don’t worry; simply call or email us your questions.

  1. Do you accept art for your gallery?

    Yes, we do. Each month you’ll find a new theme, but you can still submit anything you feel is worthy of sharing with the world. Check out our call for art page to learn the latest news. 

  2. Can I become a vendor?

    Yes. You have two options for paying for your retail space: 1) a flat fee of $120.00 a month or 2) 30% of every sale you make. The best option for you would depend on how much you plan to sell and the cost of your items.  

  3. What are your hours?

    We’re open the first weekend of each month (Friday-Sunday) and other days when we have staff who can watch the floor. 

  4. What restrictions are there for the space rental?

    While we welcome people to rent our space at $5 per person there are a few restrictions: 

    • No alcohol allowed
    • Space holds 50 people or less. 
    • Food is permitted, but trash must be taken out at the end of your function.  
    • 24-hour notice is required for any rental.
    • The first weekend of each month is closed to private events. 
    • Event Times are anytime between 9 AM – 10 PM. ; 7 days a week (with the above exception).
  5. Can I teach my class from The Dip?

    Yes, as long as the activity isn’t an illegal one. So yes, you’re welcome to see about renting space on a weekly or monthly basis but all decisions to allow the class are at the will of the owners. You can call or email us with your details. Plus, if you like, we’ll promote your class here on the site’s Classes page and on our Facebook page. 

  6. Can my group meet at The Dip?

    Yes, again, as long as it isn’t an illegal group, hate group, etc. then you are welcome to rent the space here. You can rent space as needed or on a regular basis, but all decisions to allow your group are at the will of the owners. 

  7. How do I make payments?

    We accept payment via cash, PayPal, or a major credit card.

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