Vendors on Consignment

If you’ve got goods you’d like to sell we’d love to see your offerings. There are two options available when it comes to renting retail space. Check out our FAQ page under the Contact Us tab to learn more.


Taylor Made Treasures

Here comes mixed media lawn art that consumers and critics alike really love. Whether it’s shabby chic or timeless classics you’ll love the one-of-a-kind designs here. For your next birthday or anniversary gift why not check out the options in handmade, original art? 

Sweet Freedom Farm

Support local business and get something that’s one of a kind for you or someone you love. These handmade soaps not only make you feel soft they also help you smell great. Check out the selections available at Serendipitous Vintage. 

TegRo Farms

Ummmmmm yummy honey. Whether it’s used as flavoring or a medicinal home remedy it’s always a favorite item.  There’s nothing quite like it on earth. Sourced locally right here in Monroe, you can find the Pure Honey of Tegro Farms at Serendipitous Vintage. 

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Do you have products you’d like to offer the world? Check out our FAQ page or contact Serendipitous Vintage to learn more.

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Store hours are the first weekend of every month starting Friday to Sunday from 10 AM – 11 PM. 

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